Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shake Up Your Brain

I really love getting my brains F'd out.  I can't think of any other way to say it.  But I didn't want to use "brains F'd out" in a blog post title, so I went with Shake Up Your Brain.

I love getting my brain shaken up too, though.  They two different things, but they have a similar feel and both can be so fun.

Getting your brains F'd out usually means that you are on the receiving end of some aggressive penetrative sex, and you're getting pounded into the bed, quite literally.  For me, there's nothing quite like this feeling.  A process happens in my body if my husband is going to pound me like this.  I go limp and I don't resist his body slamming against mine.  

I absorb his body slam and the sheer power of it rips through my limp body.  It wouldn't be obvious that this is pleasurable for me from an outsider's perspective.  I look like a rag doll.  But within myself, I'm feeling the most amazing things.  My head is being pounded back on the bed and then I'm lifted a bit and then slam, back on the bed, over and over.  This is the getting your brains F'd out part.  And your brain seriously begins to shift into an alternate state of consciousness.  It actually makes me feel high!

Being shaken up is different.  I mean, he literally shakes me up.  He grabs my shoulders and shakes me, throws me down on the bed or slams me up against a wall...never so hard that my skull knocks any surface, but still hard enough that I start to feel a little bit dizzy.  Sometimes then he will spin me around or grab the back of my neck and quickly force my head downward.  

Anything that literally shakes me up, particularly my head, gives me a similar rush to getting my brains F'd out.  I have to really let go of myself, trust him entirely not to hurt me, and just let him literally throw my body around in order to achieve this rush.  Being dipped deeply and fast (all dramatic-like) can cause the brain shaken rush, as well.  

If you learn how to dance, you will have an advantage in being able to relax your body and follow a lead.  If you don't relax into getting your brains F'd out or shaken up, you can get hurt in the rest of your body.  And of course, who ever is going to shake you or F your brains out has to know how to do this properly and without injury.  Learning to dance can help here, too.

Ok but wait, you might ask, can getting your brains F'd out or being shaken the way we're not supposed to shake a baby cause brain damage?

I dunno, but I googled this and it appeared that the answer was no.  Apparently your adult brain is quite protected in your adult skull and being vigorously shaken can't injure it.  So give it a try, be the shaker or the shakee, you may love it!  I guarantee you the lady in this gif laughed her ass off when she was done with this scene in the movie Airplane...and then she probably asked Leslie to do it again.

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