Sunday, July 27, 2014

Love Your Sexy Self

I feel so beautiful and sexy right now, more than ever before in my life.

I’m currently tanning for an upcoming trip.  My skin tone is amazing.  I only have tan lines around my very, very skimpy bikini bottoms…so even the shape of my tan lines is suggestive and sexy.  I am fit and very shapely.  I have never really been turned on by looking at myself naked before, but now I can’t get enough of me!

My husband accuses me of standing around naked in front of a mirror, getting off on myself all the time.  He says it is like cheating because I’m so hot it's like getting a personal live porn show.  

When we first got into a relationship and he said things like that, I just laughed him off, and I didn’t really want to look at myself that way anyway.  But now I agree with him.  I’m freaking hot as hell and I want to see my body move into different sexy poses.  I want to see my breasts and ass and all the rest of me.  I do love giving myself a live porn show!

I’m bisexual, so I have always enjoyed seeing women’s naked bodies posing and moving and gyrating.  But I didn’t get off on my own image like that when I was younger.  I would do some sexy moves in a mirror, but it was just to see if I looked silly or sexy.  It was to see how I might look to a partner.  I didn’t look at me to see a hot, sexy woman’s naked body…I looked at me to scrutinize myself for flaws.  

It seems like I couldn't "allow" myself to feel sexy unless I thought others would agree.  As if the title of being sexy was something only someone else could bestow upon you, or you could not declare yourself sexy without outside validation.  That was just silly thinking on my part.  Who the hell did I think it mattered to if I called myself sexy without someone else validating it?  The Sexy Police?

But now I do look at myself to see a hot and sexy woman.  I want pictures of me and video of me and I want to touch myself while I watch it.  And I don’t feel weird, ashamed or perverted about feeling this way.  It feels totally healthy to be turned on by myself, by my own beautiful body and the way I can move.  I realize my unhealthy attitudes about self-love in the past really held me back, and I suspect the same thinking holds back a lot of people.

Ever since I've been able to really get off on my own sexiness by looking at my body, another new door to pleasure has opened up.  I've started to really enjoy touching my own skin, all over, anywhere on my body.  My whole epidermis seems to be an erogenous zone now.  I’ve always been a touchy feely person and I love to be touched by my husband anywhere on my skin, but touching my own skin myself never gave me a thrill of any kind.  It feels soooo incredible now!

My husband also has this type of self-love.  He is extremely sexual, and he loves his body.  He loves how it looks, moves, feels and he loves touching himself all over.  This is how he knows that getting off on your own image is like getting a live, personal porn show.  

Do you give yourself a sexy strip show every now and then?  If not, you should.  Try to love your body and be turned on by yourself.  It is an amazing feeling.  Overlook your flaws, and concentrate on your beauty and sexiness.  Dress or undress your body in ways that turn you on.  Allow yourself to feel and look sexy in your own eyes!  No one else's opinion of your sexiness really matters when it is just you and you.

This post is my campaign to ask everyone to Love Your Sexy Self for Better Sexual Health!  

Your body wants your love and it wants to love you back.  When you can achieve a healthy level of self-love and body awareness, your entire sex life will improve.  You can worship your lover’s body better if you learn to worship your own first!

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