Saturday, December 28, 2013

Captain Jack Harkness

Ok, I just recently became aware of the inter-galactic Sex God of all universes, Captain Jack Harkness.  I don't watch Dr. Who or Torchwood.  I only became aware of Capt. Jack when I read this post by Dr. Nerdlove:

Nerd Role Models: The Pick Up Artist

Speaking as the resident expert (of my own blog) on Sex Gods, I could not agree more heartily with that post.

For those who don't know, Captain Jack Harkness is a character on (the new) Dr. Who and on a spin-off show called Torchwood.  He is an omni-sexual and immortal Sex God...who has a vibe a lot like my husband's.

I hadn't found anything anywhere that came close to describing the Sex God qualities of my husband, until I found Dr. Nerdlove's post.  And when I found that post and became aware of Capt. Jack, that prompted me to go watch a bunch of youtube videos about the character.  And....that was um.....really fun.  Possibly so fun that it should violate our "no porn without permission" rules.

I had to show my husband the videos I watched just to confess that I had been drooling over this guy who is as hot as he is.

He watched the same videos with me, (he'd never seen this character before, either) and was amused and flattered that I felt he vibes like Captain Jack.  (Then he threw me down on the bed and told me to "behave").

Now...my husband is really very hetero, and Capt. Jack is certainly not hetero.  So that is one difference between them.

But my husband had no problem watching the videos of Capt. Jack with me, where Jack was expressing many facets of his sexual orientation and curiosity (ie: Man on Man kisses...really passionate ones).  ESP's like hubby don't tend to be weirded out by the sexuality of others, even if they aren't into it.  My husband sees homo-erotica as neutral (neither sexually exciting nor repelling).

I - on the other hand - get kinda warm for gay play, which I talked about a little on this post: Get Bent

This video below is 5 minutes long, but in case you were interested, here is the best recap I could find of Capt. Jack and his Sex God ways.  There is an ad you can skip after 5 seconds:

Youtube: Captain Jack Harkness moments


Another difference between Capt. Jack and my husband is that Capt. Jack is available for sex or relationships but my husband is in a strictly monogamous relationship with me.

I feel positive that Jack can and has been in monogamous relationships and has no problem choosing to be faithful when he wants to, though.

This is a Sex God skill that Jack would find easy to master.  (He lives forever anyway, so he's always gonna out live ya).

My husband definitely has that vibe like Jack does when he zooms in on someone with a "hello".  Only, since we are monogamous, he focuses all that sexual energy just on *me*...so he treats *me* like I'm a brand new hottie he just met, every time he sees me.  He zooms in on me with his form of a Capt. Jack "hello, and who are you?", usually sliding one arm behind my back at the same time, and I end up dazzled in his arms, looking at him the way all the girls (and guys, and other creatures) look at Capt. Jack.

I do not protest, either.

My husband doesn't try to develop new relationships with hotties every time he sees one...although when he was single...that was a different story.  I think he was pretty close to Capt. Jack when he was roaming the wild as a single guy.

But now?  He respects me and he keeps his sexuality locked down and all for me.  We both stay within our loving marital boundaries.  A Sex God has no problem with this.  But if you are the one and only lover of a Sex God, you better be able to handle the tsunami of sexual energy they can produce, coming right at you.

Thankfully, I am able to take on that tsunami!  I drink it for breakfast, actually.  And thankfully also, he's able to Feed My Frankenstein.

If you're an aspiring Sex God, I hope you go and read Dr. Nerdlove's post about Captain Jack Harkness linked above.  Also read everything else by Dr. Nerdlove that looks interesting to you.  His entire blog is so right on.

Becoming a great lover and/or Sex God is a process, and it includes so much more than just skill.

Dr. Nerdlove has a sort of map to help you.  It is not out of your reach.

He also offers specific help tailored to you if you send him a question.

Cheers, Doc!  And thank you so much for introducing me to..."Him".

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