Saturday, September 28, 2013


Yes, boobs.

My husband is a boob man.  Damn does he love my boobs.

Not all men are boob men, which you may or may not know.  If you are a woman who has always been partnered with boob men, then you might think all men are boob men.  Or if you are a guy and are a boob man, you might assume all men are as well.

Nope.  Not all men are boob men.

Some men “like boobs” but aren’t boob men.  You non-boob men who might be reading, I know you exist.  I’ve seen you in the wild.

Nothing wrong with that, but I gotta just say…

Damn, I love my boob man.  The fascination with and complete love and lust for my breasts he shows is something that hits me on such a primal, sexual level.   I love that he has a lust for this part of my body  that is apparently never ending.

No matter how many times my husband sees my boobs, he acts like it is the first time he’s ever seen ANY boobs and his eyes pop out of his head.

Or lets say he is laying in bed at night watching TV.  I go over to the other side of the room and discreetly change into my sleep wear.  This will include taking off my bra, of course.

Somehow, even if he didn’t know what I was doing, was engrossed in television, and couldn’t even see my body as I was changing…the moment my bra comes off…BAM!  He leaps out of bed and comes flying across the room to get his hands on my naked breasts.  He will then grope and fondle me to his heart’s delight, then he releases me and goes back to his TV viewing position.  It is as if he cannot or will not pass up even one opportunity to see and handle my boobs.  That’s a boob man.

I love boobs, too, actually.  I love my own and just love boobs in general.  So I do understand how he feels.  But he is of course a lusty male and that adds a different dimension to it.  The way he expresses his love for boobs is quite male in nature.

Ladies, if you want to feel that overwhelming lust your man has, you will need to allow him access to your body and specifically, your breasts.  I talked about this in my recent post 25. Groping, Harassment, and more

It is fine to set some limits.  My limit is just basically that I don’t necessarily want him to try to stimulate me every time he wants access to my boobs…I would rather he just do it for his own pleasure than try to make my nipples erect or arouse me.  They will normally get erect anyway but I tend to resent it if he goes directly for the nipples.

A whole boob grab, done with his lusty insanely capable hands is great!  I love it so much!  He has access to me like that at all times.  It reminds me of how much he loves my femininity.

He doesn't just grope and grab, I actually never know how he might come in to handle me.  He might be chasing me with his hands out in a "grab ya" position, but then when he gets me in his arms, he may sensually take off my shirt and bra, and just lightly kiss each of my breasts once, then lovingly put me back in my shirt.

Or he might not even come at me aggressively at all.  He might slowly come up behind me and softly slip his hands up my shirt from underneath, and just lightly pet my whole chest.

The man knows how to handle boobs, softly, slowly, roughly, all of it.  This is because he loves every moment of it.  He can drink in essence and energy from me by placing his face between my breasts and then his hands lightly on the outside of them and just breathing me in.

He plays with the weight of my breasts by delicately holding one in one hand and making it sway back and forth gently.  Only a man who is so madly in love with boobs will spend this kind of time and attention on them.  And by doing this, he gets reallllly good with those hands, and basically becomes the boob whisperer.

My girls literally LOVE HIM and want his attention ALL THE TIME.   

I am sure some women don’t want to be handled this way.  I was going to incorporate this post into my "Groping, etc" post but then decided that boobs needed a whole post of their own.  

I love the sexual side of boobs, the lusty element, the womanly element, the feminine element.  And I also love the nurturing element of having a soft bosom for him to lay his head upon.  It makes me feel powerful that I can deliver so much pleasure and goodness to him through this part of my body.  His masculine energy surges through him when he is in that boob zone, and I get so much pleasure from that part of him.

My husband loves my legs, butt, and other parts of my body very much, too.  Just because he is a boob man doesn’t mean he isn’t also a leg and butt man.  He loves the entire female body.

You can take out the "really big" part,
all boobs make life worth living.
But boobs…well they are special, because men have butts and legs themselves.  Boobs bring out more of a man’s lusty side because a boob man knows that nothing can compare to those lovely, bouncy things under your shirt.  They are in a class of sexy fun all their own.

If you hide your boobs or only allow access to them during sex, you might be missing out on all that lovely good masculine energy your man wants to be pouring on you.

When we first got together and I realized just how much of a boob man he is and just how often he wanted to have his hands on them…I was a bit nervous at first.  I had never allowed free access to my body before.  I felt that I needed boundaries on my body.

I thought that if I didn't put boundaries around my body, a lover might take advantage and just touch me anywhere, any time.  That sounded like a major turn off to me.

But I quickly learned that my husband is a stellar lover with totally accomplished hands that feel GREAT no matter where he touches me.  Opening my body to him for full access was easy once I knew I would never be handled in a way that turned me off.  

A man who has to tip toe around and ask for a peek at boobs is being denied his expression of lust.  Then later when he is allowed access, he may not know how to express it, because it isn’t coming from his natural timing it is just "the only time he is allowed".

If you want to be lustfully manhandled by a man, you need to let his lustful urges be in charge.  As long as he is respectful and his hands are skilled, it is far more fun to let him in my shirt when HE wants in there than to only let him in when I want him in there.

I can’t control or hold back his natural desires if I want to really know him, love him, and be aroused by him. I want to feel his REAL lust…the stuff that occurs in the moment…the kind that makes him have to leap out of bed just to get his hands on me, even though he may have had them on me just a few minutes earlier.

If he was clumsy or hurting me or something like that, I would not be as likely to have this open access policy.

So guys…you have to have skilled hands or your woman just isn’t going to like it.  If your hands are clumsy and not skilled, you may have to do some practice and ask for feedback.  But hopefully your woman will work with you on this!  Because having access to her body to put your hands on is how you develop skill.

Ladies...let him handle you so he can practice his mad hands skills, you won't regret it!  (Well, I guess you would if he never improves, so HELP him improve).

All the fun I've described in this post is about fun with boobs separately from sex, without trying to arouse them.  We reserve that true arousal for use during sex.  When I open myself to arousal, the sexual connection I have with my breasts is just exquisite...and he is just as skilled at true arousal as he is at fun and sensual play.  Mmmm....boobs.  

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